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Executors, technicians and essential creators.

Nathalie Gidrón


Born in Madrid in 1972, the daughter of an Israeli father and a Spanish mother, she is considered a being from nowhere, a citizen of the world. He studied architecture and obtained the highest recognition of the court chaired by Rafael Moneo. At the end he works with Norman Foster in London. After doing the degree and the Master in Landscaping in Barcelona he joins with two partners Barbarela Studio while collaborating with the Architects Association of Alicante coordinating the Department of Culture and later creating the Office of Architecture Contests of the Valencian Community. His work has been published in several magazines and awarded. Casa Lulú stand out, Vertical Garden of Cigarreras and SURI. Thanks to this last project, the displaced and refugee people are made aware and co-founded with other KARAM citizens, the Collective to Support Refugees in Alicante and the Mediterranean. Her latest project is called Newbin, a furniture eco-design start-up to facilitate and encourage daily recycling. She currently lives in Alicante with her two daughters aged 6 and 8 years.

It is considered a creative, innovative and able to coordinate teams of various disciplines to get together to carry out projects of architecture, design, art and landscaping.

Lorenzo Santana 


Construction of Bonfires and Fallas, which have great awards and recognitions, mechanization with movement both in decorations and corporeal figures, metal frameworks in figures for theming, metal structuring in various welds, handling of multiple tools for wood and metal, thematizations , decorations, sculptures, polyester ...

Julian Kenka .jpg

Photographer with more than 30 years of experience in the area of fashion, models and portrait, products, commercial, industrial, audiovisual presentations, advertising shorts, etc. I have studio and own postproduction services.

Carlos Arroyo 


A great creative designer and construction of Bonfires and Fallas, costume designer for carnivals and festivals of Moors and Christians, stage designer, make-up artist of Capitanias, a very awarded creator.

Ana Van Der Hofstadt

foto-ANA VAN-arquitecto.jpg

Architect by the University of Alicante in 2017, which focuses on topics of academic interest and final project design in the application of technology to the development of culture, arts and architecture. I am an active and avid problem solver as a professional. I have developed my own projects in the fields of design and entrepreneurship, and have worked comfortably in various international and large teams. I am always looking forward to expand and develop my knowledge, seeking to find a new challenge ahead.

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Paula Arroyo


Maria Gil De Montes 

foto -mariagildemontes.jpg

Bachelor of Fine Arts, her restless nature led her to lean, while developing as a painter, the world of film art direction, theatrical scenery, advertising and interior design by Satt Ecoarquitectura . Being this last discipline the one that led it to give with its passion: The Light and the Architecture.



In 2008 he completed the Master's Degree in Architectural Lighting Design "MASTERDÍA" from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Since then she started working in Intervento, in recent years as project director, a company in which she was trained in the lighting of Historical Heritage and Exhibition Lighting. In 2013, he decided to start his solo career, incorporating in his practice the knowledge acquired during all these years. Member of the APDI (Professional Association of Lighting Designers), currently continues to collaborate with Satt and Intervento

My career focus is to assist artists to help build bigger projects that can only be possible in a collaborative team effort. I’ve enriched my artistic passion by getting involved with art fabrication, art installation, logistic coordinator, and project management. I have extensive knowledge of managing and building art to last for generations. Along with a group of friends, musicians, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers we build these environments.


Artists | Ryan Elmendorf + Nick Geurts

Ivan Pyr


Born in a town near Varese (Italy) in 1978, he began his passion for music when he was only 10 years old and began playing the keyboard.

In the early 90's he bought the first vinyls and his first Consolle mix.

He began to play Dance, Techno, Progressive and finally reached the trance of music, fashion and popular among the youngest generation in Europe, but still quite unknown in Italy. But Ivan's professional career did not stop at this stage: he went through a greater specialization in playing the guitar and keyboard and some songs (music and lirycs) were also composed. With his first computer Ivan began producing his music through the Cubase program and the best available technology, such as the Virus TI access synthesizer.

In November 2008 he made his first track ("Full Emotion") for the future Crash Records.

A remix was published in June 2010, its first EP in collaboration with Germany (Sicily)

Ivan is now working hard on some of the new projects that will also be developed with the help of other artists. "Stay tuned!" Ivan

Laura Larrea 


Born Madrid 1964 Independent fashion designer, leathercraft with exclusive high quality skins and fabrics
Laura Larrea’s fashion passion started as a child and she never lost her interest in style and fashion. 
She studied in Madrid  en La  Escuela de Diseño y Moda de Catalina de Llopis  (Design and fashion school)
Specialising in hats, shoes, purses, trinkets and jewellery .Her vocation took her into industrial pattern maker in the school Goymar of Madrid, and she completed different courses in technology skills in embroidery, the use of precious stones and silks but specialised in leather and all types of skins. 
Her passion for wardrobe led her towards the theatre and to study photography, cinema television and to specialize television and cinema production in the Official Institute of Radio and television in Madrid.

Superior grade Artista fallera , set design and construction

Laura Larrea went on to wadrobe design in short and full-length films and featured in a film directed and produced by Pedro Pinzolas: “Always Happy” (“Siempre Felices”) selected for the festival of San Sebastian's cinema 1993, a member of the equipment team.
Laura Larrea worked on wardrobe for the “Cirque du Soleil”, design of patterns for peletería Hernadez Alicante,
Designer and pattern maker for Francuas Georges's workshop, New York 1995, 
Designer an patern maker Maria Schneyder New York.
Collaborations with with Emy Chang New York.
Her commitment to perfection remains. Now living and working in the south of Spain, she has access to the most exquisite leathers of fine quality, including napa, cayman, crocodile, snakeskin, feathers of exotic birds, and works with these and other fabrics, including latex, silk, net, lycra, and vinyl to produce exclusive and sometimes extreme designs in dresses, corsetry, handbags and all types of wardrobe.
The exclusivity of the fine skins and materials is reflected in her patterns and designs, and often dictates the end result:
The stunning unique style of Laura Larrea 

foto RON.jpg

Born in Tel-Aviv in 1946 (British mandate) of Central-European and Sephardic roots

• Ron has a musical meaning in Hebrew (happy singing)…

• He arrived in Spain in 1960 and learned to play the Spanish guitar and timple.

• He began composing by himself after the age of 50.

• In 2003 he released his first CD (double) "Prince of the Sea" with 24 tracks

• What seemed like a unique adventure, continues until now, recording more than 250 compositions, songs, instrumentals and piano studios.

• In 2007 Ron released OMBO, his 2nd CD with 21 instrumental themes

• Use his own artistic brand KISUM-MUSIK (magical music in Hebrew)

• In 2015 he published "Sounds of the Heart", his 3rd physical CD, with 18 songs sung by Ron in duets.

• Several songs by Ron are part of OST of films, documentaries and short films

• As singer-songwriter, Ron sings about philosophy of life and protest songs.

• Ron's compositions are intuitive and therefore of very varied musical genres like

  Ballads, but also Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Tangos and ethnic music

• Ron has Central European, Israeli and South American influences, due to its origin and musical cooperation. Thus he also composed Latin rhythms, dances, piano and ballet studios, New Age (relaxation) music, cradle songs etc.

• He plays the piano, guitar, castanets and even build typical percussion “cane”

• The melodies sound harmonious, pleasant and sometimes catchy.

• The lyrics of his songs that Ron writes are in Spanish, English and Hebrew.

• The main subjects are human feelings, nature, travel highlights and specific people

• Since 2015 Ron published a dozen virtual CDs, visit

• Also on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Reverbnation, Sound Cloud, Bandcamp

Ron Girón

Antonio Ortuño


Sabina Van Elmpt


Born in Spain, daughter of Dutch and Swedish hippies from the 70's that were looking for the sun and easygoing lifestyle. She was always fascinated by the Hippie culture and expresion.

A very creative  mother of 3 children with bounds of energy. Loves creating and has a lot of vision.

She was inspired by Bali's culture and from the goddess Saraswati. Her designs are always very colourful. Her brand Sa Saraswati_Ibiza is a combination of her two loves. She started only 3 years ago but like the goddess she dresses the women to empower them and make them transmit their essence. Her exhibitions, in Ibiza at Atzaro Agro turismo during the spring party presenting her new collections and at hotels, 0cean Drive and Algarve.

Her collections are distributed in the most mistic spaces on the Island : Cova Santa, Ibiza das in the town center and Ashram Cala Comte. Also in events at Las Dalias. Her style very Mad Max.

She is very enthusiastic and adventurous woman, features that inherited from her grandparents whom she always admired. They left Sweden on a boat in the 60's to reach the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean sea looking for the sun and quality of life.

Mila Ortuño López


Born in Spain, in Hellin province of Albacete, resident in Monovar (Alicante) .. Degree in Labor Relations. Multidisciplinary artist.

Art as a philosophy of life, combine different artistic expressions to communicate concepts, emotions and feelings. Volume, movement, image, color, music, language, all are communication systems that are housed in the human being, tools to define one's identity.

- November 23, 2012 sculpture exhibition, in the Sala Kursaal Fleta de Monóvar.

- May 2014 Mistium anthological book that includes the poems “Between the soul and the feet”.

- On January 15, 2014 at the Casa del Libro de Alicante photography exhibition "Radiographs of my garden"

- On January 21, 2014 The House of the Queen of Valencia sculpture exhibition.

- Valencia on May 22, 2014 at La Rambleta photography exhibition organized by Mistium.

- From September 5 to 21, 2014, the Hellin County Museum monographic sculpture exhibition entitled "A parenthesis of eternity".

- During the month of November 2014 the Alicante gallery Escaparate64 sculpture.

- In December 2014, poems entitled "Hiding from me."

- Exhibition of photography at the Cultural Society - Casino de Monóvar in November 2016 "Shadows in May".

- November 2016 "May" poems presentation.

- Elda, in La Sastrería, May 2017 "Life & Shadows".

- Alicante, November 2017 Exhibition of photography "Amazing"

- Hotel Sha Wellness del Albir, August 2018 Exhibition of photography.

- March 2019 Elda Footwear Museum Exhibition of “Barefoot” photography.

                      Team and volunteers​

Josetxo Fdez de Orega Jauregui, Alicia Corral Navas, Manuel Tejeda, Magda Edite De Souza, Pablo Niza Duran, Cesar Llerena, Paco Amat Olaya, Maria Agustina Asensi Lopez, Luis Manuel Beresaluze Pastor, Nacho Rambla Lasheras, Electa Navarrete Nuñez, Ane Guisasola Montiel, Angie Bibiana Morroy Ruiz, Penelope Lafuente Sanz, Rosa Holland Berland, Cristina Fajardo Navlet, Ivan Pyr, Jose Luis Juan Campos, Carmen Varela Gonzalez, Silvia Marinho, Mila Ortuño Lopez, Rosario Serna, Ana Marlo, Rosa JH BERLAND, César Llerena, Pilar Moreno Cayuela, Sara De Antonio Grimaldos, Peter Alexander, Rosa Moreno Escamez, Jorge Herrera León, David Moreno Terrón, Klaudia Oliver, Bosque Schrodt, Stephen Rodan, Ron Weber, Ryan Elmendorf & Nick Geurts, Javier Hidalgo, Nacho Santandreu, Vero Zamarriego, Simone Young, Samuel Ruosff, Kevin Dow, Sandrine Di Rienzo, Nick Adams, Jon Shines, Pieter Bruelemans, Scott Mcall, Murffin Max, Whitney Allen, De Kai, Jurguis Didziulis, Erik Biórklund, Jaques Smith, Constanza Castaño, Stave, Lawrence Dinmore, Reve Oviedo, Nikituna Ksenica, David Roasted, Ron Weber & Aka Riddler, Jorge Cañon, Roberto Vilchez, Andrew John, Maryn Soref, Amanda Sage, Gonzalo Ors, Christina Knutsson, Antonio Ortuño, Danièle R. Albert, Lawrence Dinmore, Forest Schrodt, Carlos de Antonio


Carlo Albadalejo 

Jobs developed by the technicians in their careers

Lorenzo Santana

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