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Ubicación de las puertas

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                        The Temple of Women

Six years ago I came across the Burning Man Festival, not knowing what would take me towards it...  I started this journey in a world that I like but I want to know more about, like astral connections and occult sciences, subjects that intrigue me so I started investigating. A date jump to the fore 2 September 2020, it was a particular date, it is the day that the Burning Man was burned and it was Full Moon, everything starts on August 25 in almost new Crescent, 26 - 27 Fourth Crescent, 28 - 29 - 30 - August 31 - September 1 Crescent almost full, September 2 Full Moon. This period of 7 days is the birth of prosperity, so it is very important to be aware of it, look up in the vestiges of a lake, in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, it has to be fascinating and enriching, as it has been during the years that it has been held there, but in the year 2020 the astral conjunction is much more explosive


The space where this ritual is done, lead me to investigate and see where it was taking me and suddenly clues were appearing like: Merkaba is our body of light, a vehicle to travel in inter-dimensional time, a kind of UFO, a ship to travel from one dimension to another from one plane to another plane, which is self-created in the star field tetrahedron is the geometric basis of energy, using concepts of Sacred Geometry. The Merkaba has 2 counter-rotation fields of light generated by the rotation of specific geometrical shapes. The star tetrahedron is the primary form of Merkaba. Melchizedek (Flower of Life), now establishes that the first eight cells of our being, of all cellular beings, form the tetrahedron star, and the original eight cells have remained at the base of the spinal column. The field of Mer-Ka-Ba is extremely complex, involving the five platonic solids and other sacred polyhedra. It was created to encompass all possible universes and parallel dimensions, and over time it can change the electromagnetic nature to whatever is appropriate. One of the functions of the Mer-Ka-Ba, as we have said, is to act as a vehicle for bringing the spirit and the body to the other world, to the world of God. Starting a project like this made me see beyond and in Atlantis, it is submerged in water, so the basis of this temple is water and life. While the pentagram or five-pointed star symbolizes man and the elements (air, fire, earth, water and spirit).

Meaning of the Seven-pointed Star, which will give way to the seven doors:

  • 7 (Seven) is a special number in many traditions: It is connected with the 7 pillars of wisdom, 7 days of creation. And in the Kabbalah it is connected to the sphere of victory. The 7 in numerology is the seeker and the thinker, always looking for the truth. The septagram (7-pointed star) has a complex and magical interpretation of its points. (The sun, the wood, the sea, the magic, the moon, the wind, the connection). It has been interpreted as a bridge of a kingdom between worlds. The alchemists used the 7- pointed star to represent the 7 elements of the world, Christians used the star to represent the 7 days of creation, and the Cherokee tribe uses a 7-pointed star that symbolizes peace.

  • The 3 circles: As explained before, the first circle represents the history of Divine Justice, the second the universal scope of justice, and the third the results of the human application of justice. Therefore, the first circle refers to the divine principles, the second circle to the mundane affairs, and the third circle relates to the man

  • Face: Represents G.A.D.U present everywhere with its infinite wisdom.

  • The Four Extremities: Which appear to be part of the face in the center, represent the four elements. The left hand holding an air bladder represents the air element. The left foot is perched on the sea and the right foot on the ground, each representing the elements water and earth respectively. The right hand holds a torch symbolizing the fire element. These four extremities complete the sublunar elements.

  • Wings: They represent the fifth element, the ether, the lightest and subtlest element present in all things. This element is qualitatively more perfect than the previous four, its movement is circular or spiral, unlike the rectilinear movement of the previous elements. The 5 elements are arranged in such a way that they form a regular pentagon - symbol of the Man or Microcosm

  • The seven emblems: They refer to the transformation of our being, the change of darkness into light. They bear a clockwise correlation and they relate the way to the accomplishment of the Great Work by means of the arduous works of the alchemy, beginning from the lowest state of the matter whose symbol is the darkness, represented by the crow on the skull, passing through the eagles that hold the crown representing the obtaining of the essence of gold present in all metals, that essence to which we must all return and resort (our origins), which is analogue to the visit to the interior of the earth. Finally, there are the seals of the unicorn and the resurrection, symbols of purity and renewal of matter.

  • The triangle: Symbolizes the trinity of the body, soul and spirit as it is written in its corners, which in alchemy represents the “prima trima” of Paracelsus salt, sulphur and mercury. These three (3) joined elements form what we know as arsenic and each one represents the qualities of matter: sulphur refers to the active part, passive properties are represented in the mercury symbol of duality and wisdom, the catalyst that makes possible the union of the two previous elements is the salt, "The spirit" that element that allows the body and the soul to be one only during a life, carrier of the multiplicity and the action

  • The seven-pointed star: In this case the star has in each ray the symbols of the seven planetary metals, starting with the Lead-Saturn, Tin-Jupiter, Iron-Mars, Gold-Sun, Copper-Venus, Mercury-Mercury and Silver-Moon following the symbols in the clockwise sense and the Chaldean order, later these seven planets would be associated to the seven chakras of the body.

  • The queen, the eagle and the moon, the king, the salamander and the sun: This graphics represent the polarity of nature, the passive side of the left hand and the active side of the right hand.


  • Mexico

  • Arizona

  • Spain

  • Peru

  • Bolivia

  • Egypt

  • Sri Lanka

  • Gobekli

Situación de las Puertas Estelares al rededor del Templo Central Hay una configuración específica, para ello.  Situation of the Star Doors around the Central Temple, has a specific configuration for that purpose. 


What is a Stargate? 

It is something like a vortex of electromagnetic energy that opens dimensional doors to travel through space. 


  • Temple of Kalasasaya Andes in Bolivia

Kalasasaya is a ceremonial temple, which has a well-defined cardinal orientation and which, according to archaeological research, would have been the ceremonial center of the Tiwanaku Monumental Archaeological Complex. Kalasasaya derives from the Aymara voice Kala (stone) and Saya (stopped), which would mean "standing stones". It was built in the early classical urban era and possibly was contemporary to the Semi-subterranean Temple. It shows the advanced knowledge of astronomy, embodied in the monumental structure of its balcony wall, which is why it was considered to be devoted to fertility or agricultural fertility represented by the Pachamama. It has a rectangular floor made on the basis of a construction system in which sandstone lithic columns were used and as an enclosure, carved ashlars of the same material. The dimensions of the construction are 128.66 meters long on its walls from north to south, 119.06 in width on its walls from east to west and has an average height of 4.20 meters. The main access is formed by a staircase with seven steps facing east, through which the first rays of the sun enter in the morning. The archaeologist Posnansky states that the monumental stone columns would have been indicators of solar movement, which led to the proposal that Kalasasaya was a temple dedicated to marking various astronomical events, especially the different seasons of the year, since its corners and entrance demarcate the solstices and equinoxes with great precision.

The sun is a portal that the Mayan gods could use according to the artefacts found in Mexico. The Mayan clay sculptures that came to light by the INHA and the Mexican government in 2010 demonstrate the relationship of the Maya with extra-terrestrials but also indicate how the gods were transported through the sun. Recently we see images of the sun, taken by the NASA, focusing on the black spots in the shape of a box or triangle, those spots that are of great interest for NASA could be "star gates" or stellar doors used by the Mayan gods.

  • Abu Ghurab, Egypt The place of the gods

The pyramids of Abu Sir, the site of Abu Ghurab, have claimed to be one of the oldest sites on the planet. Inside Abu Ghurab, there is an ancient alabaster platform (Egyptian crystal) and it is said to be in tune with the "vibration" of the Earth. It can also "open the senses", so that a person can communicate and "be one" with higher, sacred energies of the Universe. In essence, it is a star gate and the sacred energies were the Neters (gods). Interestingly, the legends of their communication and way of traveling between their world and ours almost mirrors the legends of the Cherokee Native Americans. The Cherokee tells how "thought beings" - who are formless - would travel in a "sound wave" from their home in the Pleiades Star System to Earth. As the legends of Abu Ghurab would be a star gate, there are also signs of what some perceive as advanced technology having been used to create the site. An example is the perfectly precise circular markings that have been perforated in the alabaster.

  • Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, "Puerta del Sol"

Some believe it is a portal to the land of the gods, the "Puerta del Sol" in Bolivia that shares much of its legends with other similar sites in the Andes region. The city of Tiahuanaco is said to be one of the most important sites in ancient America, with legends indicating that the sun god, Viracocha, appeared in Tiahuanaco and turned it into "the place of creation," the place he chose to start the human race. Carved from a block of stone and thought to be 14,000 years old, the front door shows what appear to be human beings with "rectangular helmets". This has led many researchers to establish that the purpose of the door is in fact connected to something astronomical, although this is debated. The upper-middle of the arch has a carving of the supposed god of the sun and shows what appear to be rays of light appearing behind and forcing their way around the sides of the head of deities. Although it is now upright, when it was found by European explorers in the mid-1800s, it is said to have been lying horizontally. It also seems to have a large crack in the upper right part of the arch. It’s not known how did these happen.

  • Stonehenge (England)

The enigmas of the stone circle When we hear the word «Stonehenge», the image of a stony circle that rises, solitary, on the green grass of a plain in Great Britain comes to our mind. This venerable monument is the most famous megalithic structure in the world, but the truth is that we know little about who raised it and the function it fulfilled. Located in the plain of Salisbury, in the county of Wiltshire (about 130 km west of London), it is estimated that its construction was developed over some eighty generations, for about 1,600 years. The set we see today is composed of an inner circle with six large stone blocks topped by three colossal lintels and an outer circle of seventeen monoliths with lintels. This is all that remains of a megalithic monument that once included some 162 stone elements, and whose construction has been attributed to Romans, Saxons, Danes, the Merlin magician, the Druids and the first agricultural communities of Great Britain. The current image is not more than half a century old: it dates back to 1964, when the lithic structures were moved for the last time. Only seven of the 25 supports (and two lintels) that remain standing stay unchanged. The others have been raised and repaired at least once, and in the twentieth century several megaliths were set in concrete.

  • The Gate of the Gods – Peru

Since time immemorial the area of Hayu Marca has been highly revered by local Indians, and coming to consider it as "the City of the Gods". Due to the wildness of the area very few explorations have been made, without finding any city that gives validity to the denomination of "City of the Gods". But despite the few findings, the rock formations of the region resemble buildings, dinosaurs, and artificial structures. This "Door" was discovered by chance by the local tour guide José Luis Delgado Mamani, who found it while making an excursion through the surrounding hills of the area. The curious thing about the discovery is that, according to Delgado Mamani, he had been dreaming of this structure for a long time, he saw what appeared to be a door covered with pink marble & with various statues of the same marble on each side of the path. He also notes that in his continuous dreams he could see that a smaller door inside the large door was open, and that a bright blue light was emitted outwards creating a kind of gleaming tunnel. The supposed visions of Delgado Mamani have a lot to do with reality, since the structure has a smaller door in its interior, made on the same rock. These visions are also closely related to the legends of the native Indians of the area who narrate that this "door" was an "entrance to the lands of the Gods", and in those legends it was said that in ancient times great heroes had crossed the door to join the Gods and have a new glorious life of immortality

  • The Gateway of the Gods in Arizona

In Arizona there is a small population called Sedona, but long ago Native American Indians considered these lands sacred. They thought that the red mountains that now surround Sedona were vortices with the capacity to transport people to other dimensions. The American Indians were certain that the rocks had a spiritual charge. There is a particular rock that forms an arch that is called the "catwalk of the gods". The story told by Indian tribes on this catwalk is that more than two centuries ago, three men from an Indian tribe were in the area. They discovered the arch and one of the men passed through it. He disappeared instantly the other two fled scared after seeing him. Since then, the area has been considered sacred. However, there is more about this arch and its supposed powers. It’s said that if there is a strong storm in the desert, if you approach the arch you will see that on the other side there is the same desert but the sky will be different. In fact, there is no storm on the other side. Of course, all are Indian legends although many still think that there is something mysterious in those mountains.

  • Ranmasu Uyana is a park in Sri Lanka

Sandwiched between the Thissa Wewa reservoir and the Isurumuniya Rock Temple, Ranmasu Uyana of Anuradhapura, a forty acre pleasure garden of the ancient Sri Lankan royals is a unique creation. However the true wonder of Ranmasu Uyana is found among the rock boulders and caves away from the pools. Carved on a stone wall is a strange map like chart known to many as the ‘star gate’. A star gate is believed to be a gateway between the earth and the outer space, through which humans allegedly roamed the universe communicating and engaging with other intelligent beings in the universe. This chart is believed to be the secret code to accessing the star gate. Facing the star gate marking are four seats, which implies that it was a chart, which could be read or manipulated by four individuals.

  • The Gobekli temple

This can be one of the most known and enigmatic star doors. The Gobekli temple refers to the oldest Star Door in the world. What remains of this temple are some of the columns located in the rings made of stone. Two of the pillars sit in the center of the rings. Some of the central pillars are the remains of a star gate. The ancient inhabitants of the temple used it to "reach the sky" as it is believed.


The Burning Man is Horus

"Horus the Great” 

The God Ra is the big man (who is the Burning Man) is the protector of the Temple and this in turn protects the funerary cult (as we already know that it’s the staging of the Temple), where all the people ask for their dead ancestors and this brings me directly to this character. He was strongly marked by this solar myth. That is why, normally, the tombs were built on the west bank of the Nile, where the Sun "dies" (I was not in the Burning Festival but I think that if I'm not mistaken, it's the same scene) it's a funerary ritual (the scene is repeated as in this ancestral culture) so in our history we have to do the Burning Man as well.

Horus ("the high one") was the celestial god in the Egyptian mythology. He was considered as the initiator of Egyptian civilization. He was the god of royalty in heaven, of war and of hunting. His Egyptian name was Hor (Ḥr); Horus is his Hellenized name (Ώρος). The associated Greek deity was an unknown son of Prometheus and in the Nordic tradition one of Loki's sons. He was the son of the virgin goddess Isis and the god of the resurrection Osiris. 

Horus was represented as a hawk or a man with a hawk's head, with the Double Crown. Also, like a solar disk with falcon wings deployed, on the doors and in the rooms of the temples; and in the shape of a sphinx like Harmajis. The hieroglyphic symbol of the falcon perched on a perch was used since the pre-dynastic era, to represent the idea of god. 


Horus was already known in the Pre-dynastic period. It was a god linked to the royalty that guarded the monarch Tinitas, whose center of worship was Hieracómpolis. From the Old Kingdom, the pharaoh is the manifestation of Horus on earth, although when he dies he will become Osiris, and will be part of the creator god Ra. During the New Kingdom he was associated with the god Ra, like Ra-Horajti. He forms a main part of the Great Enéada. It is part of the Osirian triad: Osiris, Isis and Horus.

Horus, in his temple of Edfu, is shaped like a hawk. According to heliopolitan mythology (Heliopolis), Geb (the land of Egypt) and his wife and sister Nut (the sky), gave life to two men, Osiris and Seth and Two women: Isis and Nephthys. Osiris marries with Isis, and Seth with Nephthys. The legend tells of the innumerable confrontations between Osiris and his brother Seth. Thanks to a deception, Seth manages to assassinate Osiris, dismembers him in 14 parts.

The Lion: The Strength of the Heart



It mentions a mythical kingdom located on an island or peninsula called Atlántida. In his "Dialogues" he will refer to her through Critias, a disciple of Socrates. According to Plato's account, Critias heard that story told by his grandfather, who in turn had heard it from the Athenian politician Solon and the latter had been transmitted to him by the Egyptian priests of the city of Sais, located in the Nile delta. 

It suggests the location of this powerful nation in the Mediterranean, in a period of time nine thousand years before the moment in which the dialogue occurs in which it is mentioned. It describes its foundation and origins under the patronage of the god Neptune, as well as its geography and its laws. It also explains some cults related to the bull, the confederation of peoples governed by the assembly of their kings, the organization of the army and the abundance of its riches. The name of Gades appears among the known places he mentions. Finally it will be destroyed to punish the arrogance of its inhabitants, who had forgotten the traditions of their elders and the teachings of their gods. 

National Geographic locates Atlantis under the marshes of Doñana

An international team of researchers argues that the lost city was northwest of Cádiz and was devastated by a tsunami 

Atlántida in Spain


In the 1st century AD, Strabo and Posidonius are convinced that Plato's story was not the result of the philosopher's literary imagination, but rather that it was adjusted to a reality of imprecise memory. Plutarch (2nd century after Christ) will give the names of the Egyptian priests who would have told Solon the story of Atlantis, mentioning Psenophis (Sais) and Sonkhis (Heliopolis). For his part, Proclus will allude to the trip he made to Egypt that Crantor, philosopher of the existence of inscriptions in which appeared the story that Solon had referred to.

Many are the historians, archaeologists and researchers of all time who will try to decipher the mystery of Atlantis. Especially, after Schiemann discovered the city of Troy following the clues found in Homer's readings.

The hypotheses about their possible settlement have been, in most cases, speculative and with little scientific basis. Surely one of those that has gained more strength is that which relates it to Greece (Minoan culture) and Spain (Tartessian culture). In that sense, the theories would find affinity with some place-names mentioned by Plantón and that makes reference to the Mediterranean, Africa and to that Phoenician colony of Gades.

It tells how the Acropolis was destroyed by earthquakes and rains in a single night, this being the third natural catastrophe before the flood of Deucalion. In the upper part lived the warriors and around them, peasants and artisans. The plateau was fenced and the inhabitants lived in collective spaces. A part of the citadel was dedicated to gardens and places of entertainment. It had a fountain from which abundant water flowed, which disappeared by earthquakes. It had an army of 20,000 men and women.

Stellar Portals Discovered in the Whole Planet 

Secrets to the Discovered - Documentary NatGeo 



The map of Black Rock City and the map of the sketch of Atlantis, coincide in their concentrities, as you see we have placed one over the other as the powerful and ancient, the seal of Solomon or Star of David, brings luck and protection, and it increases our sensitivity and our intuition. To enjoy love, health, protection, wealth and other benefits that the seal of Solomon can bring to your life, this should be used as a talisman after performing the magical rituals described below.


La Motilla del Azuer is an incredible fortification of more than 4000 years old that is located next to the river of the same name in the municipality of Daimiel in the province of Ciudad Real (in Spain). It is undoubtedly the most important site of the Bronze Age in Castilla La Mancha, dated between 2200-1300 a.C

Lighting and projections of the 9 planets 

That we see from the earth and in the aquarium galaxy 

Seven other planets like ours.


The Goddess Cybele is the guardian of the STARS DOORS. 

It was said that the priests had worshiped a powerful goddess known as Cybele. 

Cybele is known as the guardian of the entrance doors and ancient legends suggest that Cybele did not need permission to move through time and space. Iconographically, it is often represented standing next to the door of the other world. 

The Pluto gate is just one of the many mysterious sites described throughout the history of humanity that lead to fascinating and "shocking" places. But perhaps even more interesting is the fact that there are innumerable stories similar to this one.

In many cases, these doors not only allowed the instantaneous passage outside our own planet, but even beyond space and time. 

And according to innumerable myths, these passages were crossed by beings from other worlds. 

Throughout the history of humanity, we know many stories and legends (including the myths of creation) of advanced beings that somehow come from the stars. These beings were referred to as star beings or gods.

These mysterious star beings are often described as going through portals or star gates.

But is this just a myth or was it something real, done by ancient cultures? Can we find evidence of stellar portals on Earth?

According to several authors, there are several places around the planet where ancient cultures built "star portals".

But why would ancient civilizations build stellar portals? Is it because the gods came to them through similar doors? Or, as some authors suggest, are these constructions the result of the imagination of ancient men?

Or is there something else in these mysterious star portals?

But does science support the theory of star portals? Or are these ideas just myths of creation created by cultures thousands of years ago?

While working at the Institute for Advanced Studies, researchers Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen published an innovative idea that gave life to star portals

The scientific duo came to the conclusion that the Theory of Relativity allows shortcuts through the space-time continuum.

These routes, better known as Einstein-Rosen bridges or "wormholes" have the ability to connect two distant places, which could make it possible to travel to the most remote stars of the universe.

The Goddess Cibeles will slide every night, opening each of the doors, for seven days and seven nights, there will be a communication between the God Horus the Burning man and herself..

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